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    Todd Guest

    Default Brian Bates Arrested

    Some of you might be interested to know oklahomasown.com's Brian Bates was arrested for pandering and aiding and abetting prostitution. You can read the complete story in the Oklahoman.
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    As some of you know, Brian Bates and I are NOT the greatest of friends. I can not stand the man.

    I do not agree with what he does, and in most ways sit on the opposite side of the fence with prostitutuion. He was not very nice in the way he treated me on Oklahomasown.


    IT"S ABOUT TIME! I hope they give him the maximum! I saw this coming eventually.

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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    I was a little surprised myself, however, I feel that sometimes he had a different motive while he was filming prostitutes and johns in the act. I guess he started getting enjoyment out of seeing the acts. Here's the story from the Oklahoman:


    The infamous "video vigilante."

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    Jay Guest

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    I think he has had a target on his back ever since the Donald Pete situation erupted. It was only a matter of time until someone in the law enforcement community caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.

    I've always seen things this way if your going to be hero or a rat you better make sure you keep yourself squeaky clean. You also need plenty of people to back you up in the event things go awry.

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    Jay Guest

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    I'm like mranderson......I was never very fond of the man. He booted both of us off his forum, and made up completely false allegations justifying his move. To this day, many from that forum probably still don't know the complete truth about what happened between mranderson/myself and Mr. Bates. In fact, I don't even know to this day why we were kicked off of his site. He never gave either of us a valid reason. He had a history of booting people off when he didn't like their opinions.......it was a control issue if you ask me. That's why when I became a moderator here, I wanted to make sure things were different. Banning is a last resort, and we really try to work with people here, and be neutral on issues.

    Frankly, I tried to be as nice as possible about the whole situation with Mr. Bates, but he really lost it, claiming I was a nut, crazy, unstable, and even making up that mranderson and I were spammers. What was funny is that this all happened so quick, I didn't even know what was going on when it happened. The guy obviously didn't like me because I posted a lot on his forum, and I guess he felt like he didn't have the control he wanted. Unfortunately, I didn't know this until one day I found out I had been banned for no valid reason. Funny thing is this guy claimed I was unstable, and he even threatened to talk to those in authority to get me kicked out of medical school. This wa all after I had invested a lot of my own time researching for posts and trying to build his forum or him. LOL! Whatever. I guess we know who the unstable one is now.

    Enough on my dealings with the man......

    Anyways, thanks to Todd, this forum is way larger than oklahomasown ever was. And we actually have city leaders on this forum! Yeaaa! I actually think with Brian Bates running the other forum, it ran a lot of city leaders off. Brian Bates is not well liked by anyone....well, with the exception of maybe Maury Povich!

    I always wondered what his motive was for risking his life to go out and tape prostitutes. Seems like no one in their right mind would do something like that. I always questioned how genuine he really was about this.
    When he started selling his tapes, I figurred out what his real motives were. Obviously, that played out today. He wasn't trying to stop prostitution, instead he was encouraging it so he could tape it and make a bundle of money off of his tapes. Pretty sad, if you ask me. The sad part is this guy has a wife and kids. Keith, mranderson, and I always wondered what his family thought about his on the side hobby! lol!

    Well, I guess we get the last laugh on this one. I hate to say this, because I'm not the type of person to wish anything bad on another person, but Brian really had this coming to him. I never really thought it would unfold this way though. I always figured some pimp would just take care of him.

    Anyways, I don't feel a bit sorry for him.

    Well, I suppose his web-design business won't be as highly sought after anymore. Bates Creative Services has quite a reputation now.

    On a more caring note, I do hope he can get some serious help. It's pretty clear he suffers from Histrionic Personality Disorder, which explains his need for constant attention.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    I find this statement by Mr. Bates interesting:

    On his Web site, he said he was “embarrassed and ashamed my work is now being used to portray me in such a negative light.”

    Hmmmm....well, all these years he's used his work to tell the truth about prostitutes on the street. I guess his work is telling the truth about him as well. Now he knows what it feels like to be on the other end of the camera/tape!

    The sad part is that on his website he claims that prostitution is the oldest abuse of women. And he makes himself out to be a hero for stopping all of this prostitution, or at least exposing it.

    Now, we find out, he's paying people to engage in prostitution. Man, what a hypocrite. We know where his heart is.

    I'm sure he's crying now that he was framed by the Police Department, and they were out to get him because of the footage he revealed in the Pete case.

    I guess the tables are turned now....the Police Department has all of the evidence to prove he was involved in pandering prostitution. He really doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    Hmmm...I didn't figure the story would make the front page. Looking at NewsOK, looks like Brian Bates's picture will be on the front page of today's paper. Kiss his reputation good bye.

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    Jay Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    Well I left oklahomasown when I found this site. What' s really funny is how I found it. I just happened to land here one night. Oklahomasown has been dead since the middle of December. I thought everyone had lost interest and moved on to other things. I'm glad I found this site.

    Does Kerry Decker or Wallydrag post here? I always though they posted good material on Oklahomasown.

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    Jay Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    About Brian I never had any issues with him. It really suprised me when I heard the news about his arrest. I guess in a way if he goes down on this situation its in his best interest. Things could be worse one of the pimps or johns could have done some real harm to him.

    I never would have guessed this happening to him. My prediction was I would have turned on the news and found out he had been murdered or seriously assaulted. Sure average Joe might run for the hills when you put a camera in his face; however, a career felon or gang member might do you in.

    If he his innocent I hope all goes well for him, if he is not then he should have scene this speeding train coming a long time ago.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    oklacity75, I hear ya!!! I was also a bit surprised when I heard the news. I, like you, thought if anything ever happened to him it would probably be that he was murdered or assaulted by one of the pimps. I would've never expected something like this. Sure, I questioned why he wanted to film prostitutes, but I really thought it was his attempt to better the community. It may have been in the beginning, but I guess he let stardom go to his head.

    I guess I shouldn't comment on his guilt, because I still believe in the statement: "You're innocent until proven guilty." The evidence seems to be mounting though.

    I've actually invited Kerry Decker to this site. Kerry signed up, but he's never been back. We were pretty good friends with Walldrag through OCART. Unfortunately, I just don't have his contact info. Same thing with Aaron Highfill, our former president of OCART.

    Fortunately, Keith and I were able to contact most of the old regulars and we got them to come over!

    oklacity75, I'm really glad you found this site when you did. We're really glad to have you here! I know we don't always agree on everything, but I always enjoy reading your posts. The debate and discussion of city issues is always fun!

    Anyways, back to topic....I'm just sad for his family right now. It's really a shame he let all of the stardom go to his head.

    The guy has some talents, especially with web site design. His reputation though has pretty much been ruined now, and it's probably his own fault.

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    Too bad his first name isn't "Master"...

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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    Brian's "side' of the story....

    Video Vigilante Arrested

    2/10/05 -- I am being bombarded by media representatives wanting a comment regarding my recent arrest and the flow of disinformation coming from the OCPD and DA Lane's office.

    It certainly would not be advisable for me to address any specific allegations until (1) I finalize obtaining legal counsel and (2) have actually been charged with a crime and know the details of those charges.

    The important thing to know is that my actions have shown that I have dedicated over nine years to fighting and exposing the negative effects of street prostitution on the community. My efforts have been praised by city leaders, the media, citizens and even DA Wes Lane himself.

    In my nine years, not a single complaint has been brought to my attention by the Oklahoma City police or other law enforcement agencies. Not a single citizen has publicly complained about my efforts to impact prostitution. Not a single criminal charge or law suit has resulted until now.

    Where did these allegations first stem - From the wife of a "John" (Russel Franklin) who I had arrested for engaging in oral sex with a known prostitute in the parking lot of a local bingo hall.

    Who did the DA's office choose to work with at tax payers expense - The wife of a busted "John" and a known prostitute and pimp that they allowed to continue working the streets of South Robinson. Do these sound like credible sources without a hidden agenda to you?

    Keep in mind that these recorded conversation were "set-up" and the topic proposed by the prompting of a prostitute at the direction of police and not me. While the content of the conversations is now coming into question - what must be kept in mind is my motives during those conversations. Most important were my actions (or lack thereof) after the conversations.

    The timing of my arrest was by no coincidence. After the Jan 24 taped conversation it became obvious to the police that I actually did not want any further contact with the prostitute in question and simply told her things to appease her. The police even provided her with my telephone number in hopes of entrapping me into actually doing something illegal. All of her attempts to contact me or otherwise coerce me were ignored. The police realized I was not going to do any illegal actions and fearing their case would fall-apart they decided to arrest me. You will note there is no mention of ANYTHING from my Jan. 24 conversation actually coming to fruition or containing a grain of truth after that conversation took place.

    I anxiously await when I can come forward and publicly address each and every question. I feel confident that when the complete truth is revealed I will be vindicated.

    My deepest regrets are that this has negatively impacted my efforts to positively impact street prostitution, has distracted DA Wes Lane from actually removing prostitutes from the streets and has shown that when citizens actively and publicly criticize DA Wes Lane and the Oklahoma City police department they will become the targets of investigation.

    Do I believe he is guilty? Yes, but he will have his day in court to prove his innocence

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    "Brian's "side' of the story...."

    What a mashugana!

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    Todd Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    Good one mranderson.

    I little humor never hurts...

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    Oh well, Mr. Bates tells a good story, but I don't read any truth into it.

    Regardless of whether the police used the prostitute to try to trap him, he still fell for it and was caught with "his hand in the cookie jar"....Great quote from oklacity75! If he were such an honest guy, he wouldn't have fallen for the trap. Seems like all of what he says is moot point, and doesn't really dispute that he did it. He's just whining now, saying the olice set him up. Well, what if they did? He's still guilty of falling for it.

    At this point, I think the past 9 years of work he did is moot point. We're not focusing on his past accomplishments. We're focusing on the present charges. Simply put, he let the stardom go to his head, and crossed the line. Instead of trying to clean the streets of prostitutes, he started to see dollar signs in his eyes, and thus started selling his tapes. When the footage wasn't good enough, he continued to see the dollar signs in his eyes, and thought he could get better footage if he paid a prostitute to act out for him. So, in a sense, he started out trying to prevent prostitution, to making a profit from his service, and actually going to extreme measures to promote prostitution just to get the right footage!

    Pretty sad if you ask me.

    Hmmm...he made the following statement: "Not a single citizen has publicly complained about my efforts to impact prostitution."

    Hmmm....that's a lie! mranderson and I complained to him several times about his efforts. Many people complained when he started selling his tapes, making it more of a business instead of a service. His response? Well, I spend tons of my own money filming these prostitutes, I should be entitled to recoup some of that money!

    I could see the police setting something like this up, but if he's willing to fall for it, it's his loss. He committed the crime. It would be kind of like a police man calling me up and encouraging me to go 50 mph through a school zone. Would I listen to him and break the law? I don't think so.

    I also anxiously await when he can publicly address every question. He's going to make a fool out of himself.

    Like Keith said though, he's entitled to prove his case in court. As an American citizen he deserves that right. Knowing Brian, I'm sure he'll try to squeeze his way out of this somehow. He'll make up something and lie just to get his way out. But, again, the tapes speak for themselves.

    You have to look at the overall picture too.....what have been his motives for doing this over the years? Obviously, he isn't helping stop prostitution, because it's still occurring in that area. Once he started making a bundle off of selling his tapes and got fame from being on the Maury Povich show, I think he really went off the deep end.

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    I get the feeling that some of you don't like this guy very much.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    On his website today, he posted a statement saying he had secured legal counsel, and will address the media soon. This should be interesting.

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    If this guy hasn't stopped prostitution in this one area in 9 years it should tell you something. This guy is a fraud. I told him he has no right to open the door of a vehicle if he's not the law and it's not his vehicle. If you can see someone in plain sight is one thing, but if someone is in van this guy has no right to open the door. If so then anyone can walk up to any vehicle and open the door and claim a law is being broken. For one thing if he opens the door they should just tell him to blow and not wait around for the cops to arrive.

  20. Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    I see dead threads!

    Res erecting old threads.. this weeks hobby.

  21. Default Re: Brian Bates Arrested

    I see dead threads!
    Me thinks truthseeker357 must have had his door opened recently!

    I actually caught something on KOKH about him catching some copper thieves or something. Is the South Side running out of hookers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BailJumper View Post
    Me thinks truthseeker357 must have had his door opened recently!

    Is the South Side running out of hookers?
    I'd like to see that day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by truthseeker357 View Post
    If this guy hasn't stopped prostitution in this one area in 9 years it should tell you something. This guy is a fraud. I told him he has no right to open the door of a vehicle if he's not the law and it's not his vehicle. If you can see someone in plain sight is one thing, but if someone is in van this guy has no right to open the door. If so then anyone can walk up to any vehicle and open the door and claim a law is being broken. For one thing if he opens the door they should just tell him to blow and not wait around for the cops to arrive.
    I don't get it -- how does that make him a fraud? It might make him an asshole. It might get him hurt one day, but a fraud?

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    > if he opens the door they should just tell him to blow

    nah, never mind

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    Im not from Oklahoma City but I had knew something was going on. On you tube, I nicely stated to him that he needs to forgive these people just as Christ forgave him and to not judge them. I told him that it is wrong to put these people on youtube for life! I then stated to him its good to call the cops but he also needs to be proactive and help these people. This guy gave me his mouth where I told him that I'm preety sure if I was right next to him that he wouldn't talk to me like that! I didn't think his demeanor towards these people were right and I wanted to see what it is like when a person bigger then him gets in front of him. I had posted several comments where this guy picks and chooses what responses to keep and to get rid of to make himself look bad. This guy is a pure coward and a lier. He said he owns a bussiness where I couldnt find it and it was stated he worked at a hospital.

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