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    Default Any Warren Theatre Updates in Okc

    does anyone know what happened to the rumor that the warren was gonna build a movie theatre on the northside? The rumor was that they were gonna build about 3 miles west of amc quail or possibly closer to edmond, but the buzz has died down here lately.....

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    From June:

    Bill Warren, owner of Warren Theatres, today announced in a press conference that there are no plans for a second theater to open in Northwest Oklahoma City.

    “We are going to be in Moore, and we will be the exclusive theater for the OKC metro area. This is our home,” Warren said, adding that the decision not to open an additional Warren Theatre in Oklahoma was not due to the economy, but to a recent corporate decision to have only one large complex per metro area. “A lot of this is due to the city government of Moore and how great they’ve been to work with and everything else. That is a huge difference in a lot of cities and so forth as far as being easy to work with and pro business.”

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    Ya.. Not happenin.

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    It wasn't going to be near Edmond, it was going to be much more west, around MacArthur if I'm not mistaken.

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